Watch the Tract's Privacy, Safety, and Security Practices learning path for a video tutorial on how privacy controls work.

Teachers can control the privacy settings for students in their classrooms. Click on your classroom tiles, then the "Settings"

When editing classroom settings, you can set the Student Profile Privacy to school only, Tract Members only, or Public (shown below):

Student Profile Privacy

School Only

Student profiles and projects are not visible to anyone outside your school. This gives learners an audience of peers without making their content visible to the entire network.

Members Only

Student profiles and projects are visible to authenticated Tract members. This is our recommended option, as it allows students to extend their audience within our safe, moderated network of trusted members.


Student profiles and projects are publicly accessible on the web. This option allows students to share their content with friends and family outside of the Tract network. We recommend teachers who select this option receive parent permission to do so.

Student Response Visibility

When a student responds to a challenge, the Creator can view their work and give feedback, regardless of which option is selected for student profile privacy. Only the individual response will be visible to the Creator. It's not currently possible to disable this behavior, but we plan to include it in a future update.

User Level Safety & Privacy

Students have access to additional privacy controls, located under Settings > Privacy & Safety. They can control the visibility of their profile, projects, and paths independently. The options available are based on your classroom-level privacy settings. This means you can choose an expanded privacy scope for your classroom while allowing individual students to opt out by making their accounts private.

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