Learn more here, then download our step-by-step lesson plan so you and your students can follow along as they create their own Learning Paths on Tract

There is an unmet global need to help kids find their passions and succeed in the 21st century. Your students can be a part of the solution by becoming Creators on Tract!

Students become Creators on Tract by publishing their first learning path (class). They will film, record, edit and teach a lesson of their choosing. Tract provides the educational resources to help in our Creator Academy, along with a global community of student Creators who are eager to mentor and support!

The best way to help your students develop as Creators and move into the exclusive ranks of Affiliate and Partner status is to grow their audience at your school.

Invite colleagues using the referral link located on your teacher profile page, and your student's lessons and projects will have an even larger authentic audience. As your students practice teaching and start receiving strong engagement, they will earn Affiliate status. If they are able to sustain their strong engagement beyond your school and become one of the top Creators on Tract, they will be invited to become Partners and be eligible for exclusive perks (recording equipment, expert mentorship, and the ability to earn money for your classroom or their future ambitions).

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