We love collaborative classrooms! If you have a co-teacher, coach, or administrator you'd like to add to your Tract classroom you can add them in 2 short steps!

  1. Have each educator create a Tract account by registering here

  2. Click "Teach" in the top navigation, select your classroom in the left side panel, click "Teachers", and then click "Manage Co-Teachers" (pictured below). From here you will see a dropdown where you can select the educators registered with Tract at your school.

Note: All co-teachers are required to have a Tract account before being added. Co-teachers are able to view, interact, and moderate all student activities exactly the same as the primary teacher. If you plan to add a co-teacher that is not registered under your school organization with Tract, please contact Tract support (support@tract.app or help icon in-app) to enable this.

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