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Teachers can sign in to their Tract account and take the Tract's Privacy, Safety, and Security Practices learning path for a video overview to learn more about how we're keeping Tract safe.

Keeping Tract Safe

Click here to view our video to see how we're keeping Tract safe.

We think it's incredibly important to create a safe environment for students to share their classes, projects, and comments. While we are trusting of all students, we also recognize the importance of taking the proper precautions to protect against any inappropriate content that violates our Community Guidelines and provide granular controls for educators to set the privacy scope for their students.

Tract takes a 3 tiered approach to moderation:

  1. Verified Accounts

  2. Technology Detection & Blocking

  3. Human Moderation

1. Verified Adult Account Holders Only

All account holders on Tract are verified Educators or Parents. This prevents entry from anonymous or pseudonymous bad actors that you may find on platforms that have less rigorous account verification processes.

2. Technology-Based Inappropriate Content Detection & Blocking

Tract uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect and block inappropriate content based on text and image matching. This allows us to instantly block certain content uploads should they match our bad word list or be not suitable for school.

3. Human Moderation

We know technology does not work 100% of the time, which is why Tract also has an in-house moderation team that is online during all usage hours. Our team reviews and approves all User Generated Content that flows through the site. If any community member violates our Community Guidelines they are warned then restricted and can no longer freely post content until reinstated by Tract and their teacher.

View this video to learn more about Tract's approach to safety and moderation from the Cofounder and CEO, Ari Memar.

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