Coins are a virtual currency you can use to award other members, redeem prizes, and donate to real-world causes like planting a tree, protecting the coastline, and donating a meal. Coins can be earned 5 different ways.

1. Complete a Challenge

Completing a challenge that satisfies the challenge question earns you a base Coin reward of 1-100 coins.

2. Publish a Path

Every time you publish a learning path you are able to earn 50-1,000 coins.

3. Receive a Community Award

Some challenge submissions can be published to the Project Gallery, where they become visible to other members on Tract. If another member likes your submission, they can spend their Coins to give you an Award. Many Awards give the member who receives them a Coin bonus. You'll want to go above and beyond on your challenge submissions to have the best chance at earning Community Awards.

4. Receive a Creator Award

Tract Creators can give special Creator Awards for their favorite challenge submissions. Coin bonuses for Creator Awards are higher than most Community Awards, and they are more rare.

5. Daily Gift, Bounties, and Promotions

Every day for logging in you can collect your daily gift of 1-1,000 coins. Every week Tract runs special bounty and contest promotions that give you the ability to earn extra coins.

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