Finding your student's username

In the event, your student has forgotten their username you can reference it on your classroom page after clicking "Teach" in the top navigation and selecting the correct classroom in the left side menu. You will see both their name and username.

The usernames in the screenshot above are BoJackson and BoJackson1. The @ is not part of the username.

Resetting your student's password

You can reset your student's password in 2 ways. The easiest way is initiated by you, their teacher through the Teacher dashboard. Click on the kabob menu on the far right of your student name (#2).

Click "Change Password", and this will launch the below form:

Enter the new password, confirm it and you are all set!

Alternatively, if your student has forgotten their password they can initiate a password reset by entering their username and clicking "Send Instructions".

You will receive an email titled "Reset password for {First Name} on Tract" to your educator email associated with your account from If you do not see the email check your spam filter.

The email contains a password reset link that expires within a few minutes, so be sure to reset it right away. Otherwise, you will need to initiate the reset again. Once you click the link you will see a form to provide the new student password:

Your student can now use their username and new password to log in using the Kid Sign In!

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