Tract is committed to supporting all kids and is an inclusive technology and content provider. Our web application plays nicely with educator favorite tools and web extensions.

Below is a curated list that can help improve the student experience for any students who have difficulty reading, writing, or hearing:

Chromebook Favorites

1/ Closed Captions for Google Chrome

Allows students to have closed captions on all Tract videos

2/ Read&Write for Google Chrome

Allows students to have text read aloud to improve comprehension, and for those with lower reading levels.

3/ Volume Master for Google Chrome

Increases audio volume by up to 600% for those that are hard of hearing.

4/ Google Translate

Translate our English language instructions and lessons into over 100 languages.

5/ Dark Reader

Allows the website to be entirely in Dark mode for those with visual challenges.

iPad Favorites

1/ Spoken Content

Have iPad speak selected text or the entire screen. This is perfect for English Language learners or any students struggling with reading. You can also set up Siri commands to make this even easier for your students. Check out this blog article for more uses of Siri in education.

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