Setting up your class takes 5 minutes or less!

Teachers can sign in to their Tract account and take the Tract 101: How to Start Using Tract learning path for a quick video series to guide you through the platform.

1. Signup for Tract

You can signup here or by clicking "Get Started" on the Tract homepage. You will need to use a school-associated email and verify ownership using Single Sign On or clicking an Email verification link sent from

2. Create Your Class and Add Your Students

Once logged in you will be able to (1) Create and manage your classroom and (2) Explore our library of projects/activities:

Click "Create Class" to add your students via Google Classroom, CSV, and/or class code.

Here you'll also be able to take multiple actions like resetting passwords, viewing your student's work, saving Tract projects/activities, viewing student activity, sharing feedback, requesting revisions, granting awards, adding co-teachers, and setting privacy controls.

Student Login

Students can use Google, Clever, or Microsoft Single Sign On to avoid having to remember and manage usernames/passwords.

The first time each student in your classroom registers, they will need to click on your unique invite link which automatically appends your code and skips the code entry step. Your link looks something like

If they have used Single Sign On, they will just need to provide a username, otherwise, they will be asked to provide First/Last name so you can identify them.

IMPORTANT: Students should select a username that does not include their first and last name, as that will be used to identify them on Tract if you allow them to share their work with the Tract community

Students will then automatically progress to the main application. Should they log out or return from another device, they can use the Kid Sign In to log back in.

In the event, they have forgotten their username you follow this help article to recover or reset it!

A previous version of this article requested classroom rosters. This has now been deprecated now that our onboarding flow supports Educator Codes. If you have a very large roster, you are welcome to email to onboard your classroom or school using a CSV.

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