0. Logging In

Students can log in from the Kid Sign In in the upper right-hand corner of http://tract.app/.

1. Exploring Learning Paths and Projects

When students first log in they land on the "Home" page which includes a checklist of initial things to do on Tract like completing their first learning path, customizing their profile, and liking another student's project.

Some students may find something they want to learn about or teach right away, while others may prefer to look at Student projects in the Project Gallery.

Once students click on a Learning Path that interests them, they will see a preview with a trailer (or thumbnail) and a short description. They can start by clicking the large blue "Get Started" button.

Once a Learning Path is started, it is added to in progress and can be accessed from the Home page or the Profile page. Each Learning Path is structured in a project-based learning format: driving question, reflection, research, and project creation. Each learning path is built of missions (modules). Within each mission, students can watch short videos, read, and submit their challenges.

Challenge responses are in the form of writing, media uploads, or video recording (example below).

Students earn Coins for completing each challenge, which can be redeemed in the "Shop" for real-world donations as well as digital/physical goods. Students earn the most Coins by earning awards for their original projects, placing emphasis on quality and creativity over speed.

2. Customizing Profiles

Students can customize their profile by writing a short bio, selecting their country, selecting their interests, and changing their avatar. As students complete projects and earn achievements they will be visible on their profiles.

3. Project Gallery

When completing challenges, students have the option of making their work visible to other students on Tract in our Project Gallery. By unchecking this box, work will only be visible to their teacher. If checked, students will benefit from receiving feedback, coaching, mentorship, and awards! The Creators (student teachers) on Tract frequently respond to all student submissions.

4. Creating a Learning Path on Tract

Students who have built their own creative confidence, and are now interested in teaching other students can start their journey as Creators by visiting the "Create" tab in the top navigation! Here they can add videos, instructions, challenges and market their lesson!

Students can start by taking How to Create a Learning Path where they will learn the basic research, writing, communication, and video editing skills to create their very first lesson or browse our CreatorAcademy for a la carte classes. Once they have produced their first lesson they will receive the "Creator" status and their classes will be posted to their classroom and school! As they get more refined in their teaching they can earn "Affiliate" and "Partner" statuses which give them more exposure to students throughout our community, perks like merch and equipment, and the ability to earn money!

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