Tract hosts its videos on our private server, which ensures all videos are safe, ad-free, and reviewed before publishing. This also means there's a 99% chance everything will work for you without the need for any IT assistance. 🥳

In the event you either (1) cannot access our site or (2) cannot see or play videos then your school network firewall is likely the cause of the issue.

Confirm Tract and Tract Videos Work on Your Network

Step 1: Visit this example video trailer

  • You should be able to see and play the video if you have the correct approvals

  • Else, it will either block you from the site OR show a grey box where the video is

Step 2: If the site is not visible or you see a grey box in place of the video, contact your IT department and provide the following instructions. Feel free to cc should any questions arise:

Hi {IT Contact Name},

Tract delivers video lessons (embedded on Tract) to students via its website Tract is requesting that you whitelist the following URLs:

Please note that the above steps will still block students from accessing common video hosting sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) directly and will only allow them to access the Tract embedded videos.

If you are using Cisco Umbrella (or another Cloud Security service), please add Tract to the allow list by going to the dashboard and clicking on Policies > Policy Components > Destination Lists and then adding

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