Imagine a school day where students get to learn, create, and teach what they are passionate about, with their peers, through real-world projects...Welcome to Tract! This is now a reality.

Tract fits into what I call 20% time.

80% of the time can still be traditional, top-down, lecture-based, follow directions, take tests, but 20% of the time, we need to open that up by giving kids choice. The agency to have their own ideas, the opportunity to work on their own projects; projects they come up with, projects they care about, and projects that matter to them. In this century, we need people who can think, people who can communicate, who are creative, who are critical thinkers, who collaborate. That’s what all the employers want too! In order to get people like this, we have to train them differently.

20% time can be determined by the school or the teacher. It can be every day, every week, or every month. It may be more collegial if it is decided by the school or by several teachers in a single grade level working together. Students working together on a common product in a similar way, provide a sense of community; kids can ask each other what they are doing in their 20% time.

Teachers do not need to provide any other instructions other than providing the website address and student login information. Explain to them that they can work on any of the Learning Paths they want. That's it!

Explore our solution briefs below for more details:

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  3. GATE

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  5. Distance + Hybrid Learning

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